Passionate problem-solvers in the fields of banking, governance and regulatory compliance
  • TCH Advisory is a result-driven firm specialising in banking and payment connectivity, licensing and asset recovery solutions.

  • TCH Advisory assists financial institutions, as well as fast-growing tech companies, merchants, sponsors with a competent and actionable advice and execution.

  • We have a deep understanding of the goals and objectives of our clients and their counterparties, relying on years of experience in advising and turn-key execution.

  • We pride ourselves on being regarded as genuine business partners and dealmakers who help parties advance their value proposition, close transactions and overcome challenges in a timely and pragmatic manner.
Banking and Payments Connectivity
We support both emerging and well-established companies and financial institutions by providing banking connectivity and access to world-class payment rails.
Our services include
International payments and correspondent relationships
Custody solutions
Integrating insurance services into banking products
Asset recovery
Compliance and risk procedures and implementation
TCH Advisory assists
Financial institutions to improve their performance by enhancing banking connectivity (correspondent banking, custody networks) with new payment tools.
Corporates to embed, and implement financial services in their daily activities.
Merchants in taking care of all payments-related matters to let them focus on their core business: from accepting payments to the funds’ recovery.
Few examples of services rendered include:
New payment rails
International bank accounts, SEPA, SWIFT, and local payment system connectivity both in Europe, AfrAsia, and the Americas. Both global and local asset and fund custody solutions.

White-label, sub-licensing/EMD solutions to be connected through selected European and the UK neo banks.

Payment gateways and aggregators
integrating into the existing and new payment platforms for transferring, acquiring, and processing.
Merchants are assisted by taking care of all banking and payments-related matters to let them focus on their core business.

The services range from accepting payments to the funds’ recovery, yet always observe the highest standards of quality in our advice.
Licensing and Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory compliance has become an indispensable part of doing business internationally. PSD2 and other game-changer regulatory developments have created new opportunities for emerging companies.

The new opportunities do come with new requirements in relation to a company’s business processes, governance and procedures.

The regulatory matters can be confusing and overwhelming. TCH covers both licensing and certification consulting in key jurisdictions.
TCH Advisory acts as
A sparring partner for improving the business model
A challenger and contributor for business investment processes
Advice related to licensing of financial institutions
Advocate of sound governance as this always leads to better financial performance
Applying emerging technologies to improve your operations
The services above include full support in preparing the policies and manuals as per regulators’ requirements.

TCH Advisory can and will involve specialised legal, accounting and other service companies to deliver turn-key client-centric solutions.
Assets and Funds Recovery
Result-driven fund recovery service for companies and qualified individuals.

With years of experience in assisting clients in blocked and lost funds, we ensure a well designed and executed fund recovery
Tracking and and recovering investor funds from failed Investment funds and other vehicles (e.g. securitization companies)
Active assistance in releasing the stranded or blocked funds at:
• Banks and electronic money institutions
• Payment processors and gateways
Recovering funds in disputes
Our Projects
  • Multiple projects of successfully assisting qualified investors in tracing and recovering funds invested in both regulated and unregulated funds;

  • Released funds from payment processing companies unlawfully detaining them;

  • Licensing advisory for companies entering the payments and crowdfunding spaces;

  • Organising new correspondent relationship for banking institutions worldwide;

  • Advising an European FinTech company on services and processes upgrading its valuation.
Our Contacts
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